If you are a fan of colleen hoover, this is definitely a good one! I loved the build up and really were routing for Tate and Miles. I think this one is better than It End with Us!

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Ugly Love


I absolutely loved this book! I had a feeling of what was happening so it was nice to see my prediction was correct. Definitely would recommend!!

The Dead Romantics imageThe Dead Romantics image

The Dead Romantics

Books | Ashley Poston

I liked the evolution of the characters! It was refreshing to see characters experience real life problems and figure out how to work through them. Definitely recommend!!

Terms and Conditions imageTerms and Conditions image

Terms and Conditions

Books | Lauren Asher

It was a pretty easy read and the main character was very interesting and I found myself routing for her! Some of the storyline (between 2 characters) was a bit dragged out but overall something quick and easy.

Reminders of Him imageReminders of Him image

Reminders of Him

Books | Colleen Hoover

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