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This is my personal favorite of this series. If you like the stories that merge completely off the path of the original story, you won't like this one. You can definitely see where you are in the story by comparing it to the movie. It is predictable and an easier read than most of the other ones. I just like the new twist because it could happen. The twist in this story is if Anna and Elsa never met. It has Elsa not knowing her powers and Anna is adopted out to another family. I highly recommend

Frozen: Conceal, Don't Feel imageFrozen: Conceal, Don't Feel image

Frozen: Conceal, Don't Feel

Books | Jen Calonita

What can I say? Love and Gelato which is by the same author used to be my favorite book but now it's this one. It is a romance but it's not the helpless damsel in distress. She goes to Santorini to film an Atlantis documentary. She hasn't seen her Dad in years, ever since he abandoned her and her Mom. Then there's the love interest, Theo. They go from not friends, to friends, to love interests. It's not super spicy. This also goes to say that I don't like romances but I LOVE this book.

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Love & Olives

Books | Jenna Evans Welch

This one was good, just not my favorite. It isn't a bad book but it isn't the best one in this series. Since there is three authors in this series, it is hard to get used to their different writing techniques. If you have ever seen the movie Hercules, you know Megara is sarcastic, if a bit moody. In this one, she is trying to become a God. She was very mushy which doesn't match her character. The nicknames were also a little overused and we're said a little bit more than in the original.

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Go the Distance

Books | Jen Calonita

It follows after Alex and Eliza and it highlights how Eliza is feeling lonely as Alex goes to war again. The beginning of the book starts with the Battle of Yorktown . After that, it picks up after the war, when Alex and Eliza start their own life in New York. At first, Alex struggles to find a job and Eliza is having a hard time letting go of her previous lifestyle. It's mostly about how Eliza feels lonely while Alex is so busy at work. It is probably my second favorite of this series. :)

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Love & War

Books | Melissa de la Cruz

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