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I went into this for the vampires and make up I saw in the trailer. It was different than what I was expecting. They lips seemed to be dubbed, which was confusing as I didn’t think Dominic Purcell would speak anything other than English. It was overall good. I liked the special effects make up the most. A little too much drama surrounding the back story of how she got turned, but I understood it was integral to the story half way through. Not a lot of action scenes tbh.

Blood Red Sky imageBlood Red Sky image

Blood Red Sky

Movies | Horror

This is not what I was expecting at all. It took all sorts of weird turns and wasn’t your typical predictable horror movie. It had some thoughtful depth to it. It wasn’t very horror at all though. Much more psychological drama I thought. Fairly heavy romantic factor. Overall great ending too.

Soul Survivors imageSoul Survivors image

Soul Survivors

Movies | Horror

This was so crazy good! As a 29 year old female who does not watch hockey but was a huge sopranos fan I enjoyed it a lot. The family is allegedly the family the sopranos was written on but I think I saw a different documentary that said the writers of the sopranos writers worked with a different mafia family while writing the show. So who knows. The documentary was crazy good though!

Untold: Crimes & Penalties imageUntold: Crimes & Penalties image

Untold: Crimes & Penalties

Movies | Documentary

Pretty funny. The humour wasn’t as dark as I usually like but he’s still pretty funny and so charming. Plus who can’t get enough of that accent? He doesn’t do that many women jokes but I like when he throws them in. You won’t like him if you’re into PC culture.

Jim Jefferies: Intolerant imageJim Jefferies: Intolerant image

Jim Jefferies: Intolerant

Movies | Comedy

I usually can’t watch too many gay documentaries because they make me cry my eyes out. This one was really beautiful and not what I was expecting at all from the description. I was expecting it to be a story about a media leak of the patients name and how it ruined his life and the storm that followed based on the synopsis as i wasn’t born when any of this happened and had never heard the term patient zero. I won’t spoil it but that’s not at all what it is. Also for my fellow Canadians it’s a lot of Canadians and patient zero is Canadian and worked for aircanada so that was shocking! I held my tears back till the very ending. It want a total sob story like most of the gay documentaries (they’re just always so darn tragic and never do anything to anyone)! Definitely recommend it!

Killing Patient Zero imageKilling Patient Zero image

Killing Patient Zero

Movies | Documentary

Went in fully expecting a B movie. It didn’t have any a list actors like the first movie but I loved the first 2 and then trailer looked good. It was actually really good. The CGI wasn’t terrible at all and the acting was totally great. It wasn’t the normal cheesy you can guess exactly what’s going to happen either. There was a few story features that were new. Overall I’d recommend it if you’re a craving a new movie.

Deep Blue Sea 3 imageDeep Blue Sea 3 image

Deep Blue Sea 3


I’m a huge fan of Denzel, Jared and Rami so how could I not watch this? When Jared finally showed up I realized he was supposed to be the creepy gross guy but good god is he still still sexy. Denzel plays his typical role as a complicated cop and Rami was so sexy and amazing in his douchey cop role. They were an amazing team together. It really had me on the edge of my seat. Like a Se7en and bone collector vibe.

The Little Things imageThe Little Things image

The Little Things

Movies | Thriller

Just watched this and loved it! I love true stories especially, movies where a big corporation gets what it coming to them finally. If you liked Erin Brockovich you’ll like this. This also has a few hidden gems with some of the real life people snuck into the movie as actors. Mark ruffalo and Anne Hathaway are amazing together! Definitely recommend it!

Dark Waters imageDark Waters image

Dark Waters

Movies | Drama

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