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I freakin love pop culture from movies to TV shows to books to celebrities. Am usually up 4 reading more or less anyting n I loveee comedy shows n movies.


I freakin love tis #movie. When it came out in da #90s my friends n I would quote it all the time, Pike isn't a name,it's a fish🤪 Discoverin Paul Rubens aka pee wee was in it as a #vampire,my friends n I would skip classes n go 2 the library to watch the movie since I had it on vhs.😁Seein Buffy turn from a snobby to a bad ass kick fighting #slayer was Awesome. Must watch movie.its a plain n simple get to the point movie where urll laugh,quote, n see action in a non over top way n the #soundtrack is pretty cool too

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Movies | Action

I have not been super excited 2 watch a show like tis in such a long time..its soo good,campy,funny,dramatic,has WTH moments,Awesome Strong Women young n older that don't take a backseat in the storylines,action,love worth dying for,it has everyting..Vic Schwartz really did get inspired by #buffythevampireslayer in her short story n now on her #streamingshow #firstkill Its a must watch on #netflix for the #Summer. Y wait n just watch.uve watched everyting else so watch tis too🤪🤩🦇😎🙌👏🖤

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First Kill


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