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Rudi Gutierrez



I'm 5'0, in my 20s, I'm an animal lover, I listen to kpop (Korean pop music), I read fiction and teen fiction books.


If you like this type of fiction then I highly suggest you read this story. It's amazing! It'll make you laugh, cry, scream, throw the book, etc.

Shatter Me imageShatter Me image

Shatter Me

Books | Tahereh Mafi

I used to watch this show on Cartoon Network as a kid. It's so funny and cute with a lot of jokes.

Johnny Test imageJohnny Test image

Johnny Test

Shows | Animation

Highly recommend!

Happy Feet imageHappy Feet image

Happy Feet

Movies | Animation

Love the story! Highly recommend.

The NeverEnding Story imageThe NeverEnding Story image

The NeverEnding Story

Movies | Drama

Another Johnny Depp movie! Amazing take on the story of Charlie in the chocolate factory. Basically saying Willy had a rough childhood growing up and doesn't want anybody else to go through that. Highly recommend.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory imageCharlie and the Chocolate Factory image

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Movies | Adventure

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