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Tom Holland’s performance was Amazing. He’s a really great actor and it definitely shows ; 8.9/10 would watch again.

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Movies | Adventure

Any movie with Adam Sandler never fails to impress me or make me laugh. My dad knows all the lines and I just had to watch it. Very much worth it. ☺︎

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Happy Gilmore

Movies | Comedy

Something a little new and different from the Christmas romcoms we see each year. A good movie though.

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Love Hard


Amazing story. I love how the show portrayed what Colin went through, and how even though he was experiencing doubts, not only from coaches and strangers, some from his parents as well as the racism he faced as a young teen living in Turlock, California. Colin still continued to work hard and reach for his goals. I’d watch and recommend 100 times over. #endracism

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Colin in Black & White

Shows | Drama

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