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The definitive big-screen version of Agatha Christie's classic. I mean, the interaction between Bette Davis's Mrs. Van Schuyler and Dame Maggie Smith's Miss Bowers is worth the price of admission (figuratively speaking) alone. And unlike Albert Finney from "Murder on the Orient Express" Peter Ustinov better embodies the finicky, peculiar nature of Hercule Poirot, one of the better interpretations - until David Suchet came along, of course. If you feel the need to watch a cinematic adaptation of Christie's novel, avoid Branagh's poorly written and inaccurate attempt and watch this version instead. I mean, come on! Angela Lansbury as Salome Otterbourne is simply fabulous!

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Death on the Nile

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So well written and animated, the anime should be a must-watch for any serious fan. Personally, Noragami is in my Top Five for both anime and manga. Now, if we can just get a 3rd season of the anime, I'll be the happiest of campers!

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