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It's my trash: I am a sucker for corrupt institutions, straitlaced heroes, and religion mingling with magic. Like I said, it is my trash, but it is also my treasure.

Serpent and Dove imageSerpent and Dove image

Serpent and Dove

Books | Shelby Mahurin

Whimsical and wonderful. I am instantly ensconced in warmth and light whenever I jump into this manga. An absolute favorite.

Witch Hat Atelier, Volume 1 imageWitch Hat Atelier, Volume 1 image

Witch Hat Atelier, Volume 1

Books | Kamome Shirahama

The romance that blooms between the two leads is gentle and realistic. It's refreshing to have the conflicts rise from awkward, new love instead of miscommunication.

Wotakoi imageWotakoi image


Books | Fujita

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