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Lauren Marie


This book is so suspenseful and does such a great job detailing the surroundings that it makes you able to see the entire book in your mind like a movie. It’s told in many different perspectives and I found myself relating to all of the characters in different ways. This book is truly incredible and I would consider it for my top 5 favorite books

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The Guest List

Books | Lucy Foley

This book was pretty good but not as suspenseful as I thought it would be. I liked the characters but wish there was more detail behind some of the situations in the book

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The Girl from Widow Hills

Books | Megan Miranda

Really love how this book is written and how all the characters are intertwined. It keeps you guessing the entire book and you feel like you really know the characters and their thoughts

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Invisible Girl

Books | Lisa Jewell

This book is now in my top 3 favorite books I’ve ever read. The story is suspenseful and I genuinely couldn’t put this book down

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Local Woman Missing

Books | Mary Kubica

A good psychological thriller with lots of twists. Would recommend!

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The Sixes

Books | Kate White

A good thriller book! A bit predictable of a story but still made me want to keep reading

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Books | Minka Kent

I didn’t realize this book was written by the same author as Unspeakable Things. Both books are so fantastic and addicting to read. This author is great at ending the chapter in a way that makes you want to keep reading. Definitely looking forward to reading more of her books!

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Books | Jess Lourey

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