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Logan G



I had so much fun reading this! An incredible story with plenty of little twists that make it such a great read!

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Books | Victoria Laurie

I almost didn't like this book for the excessive amount of cursing but I was in awe of the twists that completely caught me off guard. You think you know how a book's gonna end but then the author slaps you with an enormous plot twist to the face and makes the book that much more enjoyable! Awesome plot and mostly great book!

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13 Minutes

Books | Sarah Pinborough

Awesome fast-paced mystery! Feel like I've read almost all of Jennifer Lynn Barne's books now 😆

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The Fixer

Books | Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Such a great show, loved it from the first episode I watched with my parent!

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The Andy Griffith Show

Shows | Comedy

Another Masterpeice of a book by who I think is proving to be one of the best authors ever! Jennifer Lynn Barnes creates another amazing story in this great modern fantasy(?)

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Every Other Day

Books | Jennifer Lynn Barnes

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