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It took me three thousand years of longing and this movie is STILL ASS

Three Thousand Years of Longing imageThree Thousand Years of Longing image

Three Thousand Years of Longing

Movies | Fantasy

This show was so good it got me packed to the rafters.

Packed to the Rafters imagePacked to the Rafters image

Packed to the Rafters

Shows | Drama

I didn’t like it but you can go! Live your way

Go! Live Your Way imageGo! Live Your Way image

Go! Live Your Way

Shows | Drama

It took me 3 generations to finish this god damn show

3 Generations image3 Generations image

3 Generations

Movies | Comedy

This movie wasn’t that good. Felt like a joke.

Joker imageJoker image


Movies | Crime

It wasn’t the greatest show, man.

The Greatest Showman imageThe Greatest Showman image

The Greatest Showman

Movies | Drama

it’s interesting it has a plot that I can relate to since I grew up around this type of stuff

On My Block imageOn My Block image

On My Block

Shows | Comedy

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