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I LOVE MARVEL! And Paul Rudd 😩 Ooh and Pete Davidson!!!!!


I’m trying to watch all the spider-man movies and marvel movies that add to the plot in time to watch Spider-man: No way home on my birthday: December 27th. This was first on the list and it’s the first time i’ve seen Toby Maguire as spider-man; I didn’t hate it as much as I thought I would but the cgi is terrible and honestly it’s really funny to see how fake it looks. But I love the romance between Peter and MJ; I hope she doesn’t die LMAO. Overall really good movie and i’m excited for #2.

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Movies | Fantasy

Omg this movie was freaking incredible. The main two characters were so funny and worked well with each other. Not to mention Shang-chi is so hot! 🥵 I do not regret watching this movie AT ALL! I thought it was so good and I liked how they brought attention to actors from previous marvel movies and then talked about what happened in the past like the guy who played a terrorist ad an acting role in Iron Man 3. It was a very good movie! I recommend 100%

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Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

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It was a really good movie and it’s really ****** up that D.U.F.F. stands for Designated Ugly Fat Friend. But it was really good and the main girls friend is sooooo hot!

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