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Love to read, watch TV/Movies and sing Disney songs and Showtunes!

Loved the books LOVE the show!

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Shows | Adventure

Absolutely LOVE this series! I have watched these seasons so many times! The court of King Henry VIII is my favorite period in history and this series does a pretty good job of staying somewhat accurate. They do take some liberties such as combining Henry's two sisters into one but overall a MUST watch!

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The Tudors

Shows | Drama

Fun take on a dramatized historical show. The show is interesting but definitely not one you watch for historical accuracy.

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Shows | Drama

Love this SO much! Now that I've binged all of the episodes, I'm on to the books!

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I picked up this book at a 2nd hand book store a while ago and hadn't gotten around to reading it yet. However, after I finished watching Bridgerton on Netflix I remembered that I had a Julia Quinn book in my "To Read" pile and picked it up and finished it in 4 hours! This novel focuses on Georgie Bridgerton (Daphne Bridgerton's Aunt) and Nicholas Rokesby (the Bridgerton's neighbors and famliy friends). It's a take on the classic friend to love interest storyline but it is an easy and quick re

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First Comes Scandal

Books | Julia Quinn

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