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This is 4th book in the series which i just skip the second and third one because those two are about fiona's family's past but will read them after the fifth book. This one picks up where the first book left off fiona is getting recognize (after what happen in the last chapters of the first book no spoilers sorry). Fiona now has more work then ever before and alyssa is getting more and more tech savvy and business savvy . Through it all they seem to find time to prepare to become parents.

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This is the first of 5 books to this series and its really good. This is by far one of the best books i have ever read! It has romance, family drama, animals (one of the woman is a veterinarian ) and upperclass rich folk snob fest ( the other woman comes from a very rich family) . This book is about fiona a veterinarian who meets the young woman named alyssa its about them coming together and making fiona's dream of opening a practice in her grandparent's ranch .#oregonlove #ranch #romance #lgbt

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Books | K'Anne Meinel

Its a great starter LGBT book to read on a lazy day .#lgbt #romance #inlovewithboss #samesex #loveknowsnogender

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