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I thought this book was great until the end... If you've read the first, you realize the same themes happen. The guy runs away, realizes he loves his wife, goes back to the wife, turns out she went out riding, a disaster happens that causes them to confess their love... In short, the ending was bad, but everything else was great! I love Kate and her back story, and Anthony is tolerable unlike the show.

The Viscount Who Loved Me imageThe Viscount Who Loved Me image

The Viscount Who Loved Me

Books | Julia Quinn

I definitely liked this better than the show. The characters were more enjoyable and the whole thing less annoying. Yes, some scenes go on too long, but also the characters are actually funny and the bantering is fun. I also like the fact that the book doesn't force you to think who is right and who is wrong, unlike the show, because you equally get both sides. So far, this is better than the show to me, as for other books, I'm not sure yet.

The Duke and I imageThe Duke and I image

The Duke and I

Books | Julia Quinn

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