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Marleen Gonzalez



I was born in Chicago, IL. in the year 1979. I enjoy the city life. I live to learn, explore and adventure. Reading is one of my hobbies.


I couldn't get enough of these novels. I highly recommend this series if you enjoy bone chilling suspense with a twist of mystery and adventure.

Silence in the Shadows imageSilence in the Shadows image

Silence in the Shadows

Books | Darcy Coates

Each novel has it's hurray of mystery & thrill. I'm looking forward into reading book-4.

Black Winter #3 imageBlack Winter #3 image

Black Winter #3

Books | Darcy Coates

I'm still reading thé series. I am completely satisfied with the second book as well.

Secrets in the Dark imageSecrets in the Dark image

Secrets in the Dark

Books | Darcy Coates

I've been reading this séries for about à week now. There's so much détail and feeling put into this book that I feel like I'm thé one being chased around and trying to hide!

Voices in the Snow imageVoices in the Snow image

Voices in the Snow

Books | Darcy Coates

This is thé second book I've read by Jennifer McMahon, both good books to read. I enjoyed thé constant mystery and goosebumps. This book was a non-stop read for me.

The Invited imageThe Invited image

The Invited

Books | Jennifer McMahon

I absolutely love this book! This is à horror novel that will definately take your breath away!

Hunted imageHunted image


Books | Darcy Coates

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