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Literally my favorite movie of all time. The first movie ever to make me cry. King Kong is a masterpiece in my eyes. I absolutely love kongs design.

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King Kong

Movies | Adventure

Fantastic score, atmosphere and characters. Everything about this film is engaging especially the villain riddler is not only interesting, but you can literally feel his presence. This film felt more like 2 hours instead of 3, I was invested from beginning to end. 10/10

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The Batman

Movies | Action

I loved the relationship between rody and deku. It also felt like the stakes were high, great animation and score. The final fight was more brutal than I was expecting and I loved that brings tension to the fight. 10/10 no complaints, easily the best of the three movies.

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My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission

Movies | Animation

A masterpiece of animation with an interesting and somewhat likeable protagonist and gorgeous animation even for it's time.

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Movies | Science Fiction

A funny anime with entertaining and likeable characters.

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Angel Beats!

Shows | Action & Adventure

A fantastic anime starter for anyone wanting to get into anime. A series filled with comedy, action, brutal moments and likeable and an interesting character. Not to mention the incredible fights that cuts out all the filler.

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Dragon Ball Z Kai

Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

I like the realistic take on the punisher, I also love how they how much frank's psd affects him and Jon does a fantastic job portraying an angry man haunted by his past. My only complaint is that I wish there was more action, the micro family subplot in season 1 is a borefest. S2 is the best as it has an engaging story and more action. I wish we got a season 3 so we could really see Jon become the punisher from the comics.

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Marvel's The Punisher

Shows | Action & Adventure

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