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Mia Olsen



Anything and Everything all books <3


She's probably my second favorite romance author. She knows how to keep you invested in a love story .

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Call Me Crazy

Books | Melanie Harlow

She's done it again. Alice has me absorbed into the Cocktails Series and she can have all of my attention. So well written so much comedy and so much real life romance.

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Mai Tai'd Up

Books | Alice Clayton

I have fell in love with Simon and Caroline, I root for them through every challenge they go through they are the ideal power couple

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Rusty Nailed

Books | Alice Clayton

Sweet goodness this series keeps getting better. I love how this one is a different character with a different background completely seperate from Caroline and Simon. This one had me laughing through out the whole book!!

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Books | Alice Clayton

I loooved this book. It was so smooth and well written and it was one of the longer books I read, but I finished it quicker. Love it

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Books | Alice Clayton

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