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Great movie. I would say that it has a reminiscent vibe between Robocop and Kickass on how they made the movie. Lots of action throughout the film.

Officer Downe imageOfficer Downe image

Officer Downe

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A good movie, but with an all-over-the-place storyline within times of the film. The beginning of the film has a reminiscence of Road House the movie, while the best kinda feels like a mob movie of people trying to collect debts, which hinch the movie's name. I would say that the movie is worth the watch.

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Debt Collectors

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A great dark-humor movie as they used to be in the past before people started getting soft and offended by everything. The humor in the movie is a reminiscence of the Airplane movie series.

The Man with Two Brains imageThe Man with Two Brains image

The Man with Two Brains

Movies | Comedy

Not as good as the first, I believe that they didn't have to put so much effort into the storytelling due to the second film not being based on a true story like the first film. This film kinda feels like it should have been on the Syfy Channel.

Ironclad 2: Battle for Blood imageIronclad 2: Battle for Blood image

Ironclad 2: Battle for Blood

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Great movie which was based on true events and was very well written making it feel as if you were part of the story when it happened. While there are movies that are lackluster in making it feel as if it was the period when the events happened, that's not the case with this movie as they did very well in making it feel like medieval times without having any hiccups. You can read more on the movie about what was true to what wasn't at the following link:

Ironclad imageIronclad image


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