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Miranda Burton



7/10. Honestly, I didnt even finish this book. My attention really dropped about halfway through. I feel guilty for not finishing it but it felt like a chore to read. I was debating forcing my way through but not sure if I will.

Glass Sword imageGlass Sword image

Glass Sword

Books | Victoria Aveyard

8.5/10 I enjoyed this book overall. The love triangle between Mare, Cal, and Maven is sooo good. Although Maven really did them dirty. My heart hurts for Gisa.

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Red Queen

Books | Victoria Aveyard

10/10 I love the finale to this series. His letters to Jude kill me in the best ways. More than anything I'm surprised it took Jude so long to figure out the twist as I caught it in about 1 second flat. Madoc really needs to not.

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The Queen of Nothing

Books | Holly Black

10/10 The tension in this book is incredible. I can really feel Jude's stress and pain. Taryn is the one that really kills me though.

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The Wicked King

Books | Holly Black

9/10 I devoured this book. It takes a slightly different approach to fae then I've read before that originally had me slightly uneasy. The modern twists to this book threw me for a loop! Love to hate Cardan.

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The Cruel Prince

Books | Holly Black

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