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Okay. I'll admit when I knew Daniel Radcliffe was in the movie...I had to watch it. But the concept of Daniel's character gave the movie a unique plot (?). The tag line is hilarious. Its been a while since I watched the movie. Writing this review makes me want to rematch the craziness of the movie again.

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Swiss Army Man

Movies | Comedy

Its one of those movies that when it was first being promoted I didn't understand why. But I kept seeing the trailer for it and I knew I had to see it. I really did enjoy it. It had its serious and humorous moments. I actually enjoyed Rebel Wilson in it. I would recommend it.

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Jojo Rabbit

Movies | Comedy

Still my favorite show After all these years. It is on hulu, but discovery + has all the seasons. So its nice to go back to the earliest seasons to rewatch the craziness

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Shows | Documentary

I'm writing this as a whole series review. But I'll be biased with this series. I watched the TV show first so I liked how that took the characters more than the book series. Like I said in my other review some of the stuff the girls did made me cringe at their problem solving skills. But the series kept me reading wondering what disaster will these girls get into next. I did like the A in this book.

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Pretty Little Liars

Books | Sara Shepard

It is a binge worthy series. Its an interesting show. Some events/challenges that the girls went through made me cringe. The last season wasn't needed. At the final few seasons I was to that point that "I watched it this far I now have to keep watching to finish the series" This show had a spinoff. Also the show adaption strayed off from the books. Which was a good difference. So you couldn't predict what would happen.

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Pretty Little Liars

Shows | Drama

It was addicting to watch. I fell in love with Rumpelstiltskin. He will become your favorite character. But the only downfall is the final season. I cant finish it.

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Once Upon a Time

Shows | Drama

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