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Molly Studebaker-Reed



This was an incredibly interesting documentary which provided a glance into mycology and the importance of mushrooms to daily life as well as the health of a forest. It also covered the experience of being a mycologist, from lab work to field work.

Fantastic Fungi imageFantastic Fungi image

Fantastic Fungi

Movies | Documentary

The most beautiful, heartbreaking book about a man being forced to confront his own death, and the student who can't quite comprehend a world without him in it. A man who truly knew how to not just be alive but to live, learning how to die. Highly recommend, make sure you have tissues.

Tuesdays with Morrie imageTuesdays with Morrie image

Tuesdays with Morrie

Books | Mitch Albom

A great reminder that women are, at heart, organic. Confronts topics with no softening of words, striking and wonderful.

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The Sun and Her Flowers

Books | Rupi Kaur

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