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Monica Maniatakos



Adorable! Great setting, and a different cultural perspective.

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Movies | Family

Beautifully stunning. An important story to share and learn.

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The Prince of Egypt

Movies | Adventure

Let me start off by saying I did not watch the trailer. The scenes where he wants to end it all were difficult but key to the storyline. His backstory will make you cry, laugh, and cry some more. The cat was my favorite character. A movie that spans a lifetime.

A Man Called Ove imageA Man Called Ove image

A Man Called Ove

Movies | Comedy

Slow at times, but an excellent look into the gains and losses of a full lifetime.

God Loves Caviar imageGod Loves Caviar image

God Loves Caviar

Movies | Adventure

Haunting my brain. The depth of this piece is overwhelming. The emotions, the loss, the pain. Something everyone should see at least once.

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Movies | Drama

The trailer gives a good overview but if I could sum up the main character in one word, it would be “defiant”. She’s strong headed and definitely sets her own path.

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Movies | Drama

Complex emotions, longing, hope, and solitude. You can feel the pain that the war brings with it.

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Ashes in the Snow

Movies | Drama

Cute projects. Not too difficult. Might go thrifting for the pillow cover notions. Lots of dollies projects.

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Half Yard Vintage

Books | Debbie Shore

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