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Comedian/YouTuber/Big Gangsta 🎤 Crime Movies/Hood Movies/Gangster Movies 📽🎬 YT: Primm's Hood Cinema IG: moses_primm


This is a silly, hood horror movie. But it’s actually kinda good lol. Good effects. Good commentary. From what I can remember. Gotta rewatch it

Def by Temptation imageDef by Temptation image

Def by Temptation

Movies | Horror

They gotta do a live action version of this!! Ain’t no dreadhead celebrities tho. Who’s going to play him? Lil Tecca?

Static Shock imageStatic Shock image

Static Shock

Shows | Action & Adventure

Damn bro they all can get it 😋😋 Both the moms too. Not the dude tho I don’t do that. What other sitcoms had some FINE ASS WOMEN???

Half & Half imageHalf & Half image

Half & Half

Shows | Comedy

Other black cartoons/animated movies??? Literally can’t think of anything else lol

The Boondocks imageThe Boondocks image

The Boondocks

Shows | Animation

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