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Comedian/YouTuber/Big Gangsta 🎤 Crime Movies/Hood Movies/Gangster Movies 📽🎬 YT: Primm's Hood Cinema IG: moses_primm


Just finished watch season 2 on Twitch 😭😭😭 Never saw it before. Was not disappointed. Girl doo-dooed on herself first episode. A bunch of girls competing for Flavor Flav. I'd rather be in squid games

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Flavor of Love


Lol rewatching this. Its such a 90s sitcom but some of the jokes still be kinda hitting. I turn it on when I'm falling asleep 😂😂

The Jamie Foxx Show imageThe Jamie Foxx Show image

The Jamie Foxx Show

Shows | Comedy

One of the most realistic shows ever made. Rewatching it now. Forgot how many allstars are in it too. Teenage Michael B Jordan is in it. Also Method Man. Idris Elba. Season 2 boat episodes are pretty whack. Im skimming through just to watch the jail parts lol. Everything before and after S2 is pure gold. Baltimore accents also.

The Wire imageThe Wire image

The Wire

Shows | Drama

Cant even lie this one is pretty lit!! Only 3 episodes so far but I like it!! Costumes are dope especially Vigilante. The bad guys are kinda stupid tho maybe they'll get better.

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Shows | Action & Adventure

Lmaooo why did they make this ridiculous show?? They legit had Fred Flintstone as a mafia boss.

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Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law

Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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