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Just finished reading the special edition with the extra chapter and whatever thoughts or theories I had after finishing the initial chapters the final chapter completely switched my view, but also proved me right?? In some ways?? At One point I was pinning the blame on one person then a plot twist happens and I’m pointing fingers at someone else but that’s how suspense novels go lol. I still can’t decide if I’m team manuscript mainly because that was the whole premise, the main plot, or if I’m team letter, new evidence to lead to a different conclusion. Although I was disturbed when I read some chapters I would read it again just to finalize which side to choose.

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Books | Colleen Hoover

I may be a bit biased because grumpy x sunshine may or may not be one a my favorite romance book tropes but I honestly enjoyed reading this one. I love books with dual POV seeing both sides, hearing both characters inner thoughts/monologue further helps us as the reader understand the plot more and really moves the story along. There was a few moments where the characters referenced or said the book title, I like it, it makes me laugh🤭. This book also showed us some diversity. Lauren included disabilities (visible and invisible) and the main character is Armenian which was pretty cool to see and from what I’ve heard her other characters in the other books are also different races/ ethnicities. Can’t wait to read the other 2 books.

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The Fine Print

Books | Lauren Asher

My favorite story was the last one. I wish it were a whole book, I really need more of the story. The other stories were cute too, I like how a few of them have characters from her other books.

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Scattered Showers

Books | Rainbow Rowell

A little late to this one but I finished it like 5 mins ago and I was speechless while reading part 5. I was reading it like this 🫢. Overall great read, will be reading again soon🫶

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We Were Liars

Books | E. Lockhart

I like how the truth always has a way of revealing itself. While reading I understood the emotions of the characters because it felt so one sided but when we finally got to hear Kenna’s side, pieces fell in place and we were able to lift/shift our blame and understand. Also the cute little moments like the playlist ❤️ super cute.

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Reminders of Him

Books | Colleen Hoover

The way Tal describes Athlen is literally the cutest thing ever!!! I loved how fast paced it was throughout their journey and the way Tal is so close with all his siblings is adorable ❤️

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In Deeper Waters

Books | F.T. Lukens

There are some difficult scenes to read, not because it was hard to understand just the actual situation of what was happening, kind of like the scenes in IEWU. I think this was your typical coho book, lots of crying, lots of drama, tragic accident. Everyone has the opinion on Colleen, but I actually liked the cute moments between the characters. ❤️ I also hear the two characters, Miles and Tate, are in her book “November 9.”

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Ugly Love

Books | Colleen Hoover

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