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Do not watch the American remake. Or at least watch this one first to watch the other with morbid interest. This is a revenge story that's worth going into as blind as possible. I ended up watching it because some list had it as (Superhero movie) which..... Is never a way I've seen the movie described but I certainly was not expecting this. Easily one of my favorite films. It was a gateway to Korean cinema for me.

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Movies | Drama

Forget about all the games. It's not just the premise that makes this a great classic. It's the characters and story. But easily reproduced. Not even the sequels can. It's nothing like the hunger games. Oh, and the teens are played by teenage teens! It was a bit of a controversy when this movie came out.

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Battle Royale

Movies | Drama

I love that it's helmed by Todd Phillips. The man who sucked on Amy Smarts toes in Road Trip. Glad he quit the cameo thing.

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I'm not a star wars fan. This was fun though.

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The Mandalorian

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