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Great film! It's been a while since I seen a film like this done so well. Gaga was excellent and Jared Leto was amazing as well. Terrific combination of a cast. Highly recommend and will definitely re-watch unlike most movies that come out today. This exceeded my expectations I was worried it would disappointment and not be good other than the trailer and become some trash like "A star is born." Just watch it's super interesting the whole way through, I was so entertained the whole 2 1/2 hours.

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House of Gucci

Movies | Drama

I'm astonished I never heard of this, 2 good. the storytelling was excellent as well as the dialogue. The way ppl speak is poetic &the characters R beautiful minus the evil guy of course. Leo did great playing such opposite characters. I'm obsessed w/ the musketeers now. The plot twists really had me engaged. I only wish Philippe would have ended up with the girl since (spoiler alert) her bf couldn't. She deserved a better ending but its definitely not a lovestory, still great tho. New Fave film

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The Man in the Iron Mask

Movies | Action

The trailer made me think that the sequel wouldn't be able to live up to the first but I was wrong the second exceeded my expectations. I still love the first one and the ending of it. RIP To the milk crate #IYKYK

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Tall Girl 2


Quirky movie, very 90's. Similar to "SHE'S all that" another one of my 90's favorite films. Interesting characters and storyline. If I could only use one word to describe the film I'd say it's simply - ICONIC!

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10 Things I Hate About You

Movies | Comedy

For starters the title isn't related to what you first might think that it's about.. That's what I told everyone who kept asking me lol. I liked a part in the book that really summed up this imagery with a simile about how "The great Divorce" is when we're separated by God (temporarily) but it's important to build on that relationship. It can also be far worse for someone who is not a believer in Christ & they could result in being "Divorced" by God for eternity if they don't follow in life.

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The Great Divorce

Books | C. S. Lewis

I put off watching this movie for a long time until my roommate finally convinced me to watch it. I was really intrigued from the beginning with Maleficients backstory. Kind of reminds me now of Charles dickens "Great expectations" thinking back on it. The whole relationship between Aurora and Maleficient/ Estella & Miss H. Only Aurora is kind, hopeful and loving (opposite of Maleficient etc.) Really glad I watched this, I watched the second one immediately afterwards on Disney plus as well. :)

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Movies | Fantasy

At the time when I watched this I was more on the side of the character who kept trying to end up with the girl. But this movie did help me understand something that I too was in denial of in my life, things happen for a reason and even if you could change things it isn't suppose to happen that way. Although I did feel that king Bach's character was irrelevant to the film though. Less dirty jokes would have made it better JS.

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When We First Met

Movies | Comedy

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