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Great movie! Watch it at least once a week with my grandfather! Very slept on in my humble opinion! One of my favorite parts was a scene where this guy says “I stand before you with no mask” (very DT vibe) very good flick!

The Mask of Zorro imageThe Mask of Zorro image

The Mask of Zorro

Movies | Action

You can never go wrong with Malcolm Gladwell! His genius insights on how we actually communicate in quick moments! Priming was probably my biggest take away! 7.7 would recommend!

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Books | Malcolm Gladwell

I read this book during the pandemic and it was perfectly times! Talked about race issues and all the other issue we encounter because we think we know what the other is thinking! 9.4/10 highly recommended!

Talking to Strangers imageTalking to Strangers image

Talking to Strangers

Books | Malcolm Gladwell

Good book! Love how Malcolm writes stories, and he didn’t disappoint with this one!

The Bomber Mafia imageThe Bomber Mafia image

The Bomber Mafia

Books | Malcolm Gladwell

Amazing book! The stories in this book are both entertaining and will help light a fire under your a**! It woke up the business person in me!

Shoe Dog imageShoe Dog image

Shoe Dog

Books | Phil Knight

Loved it! The lessons in this book are timeless and useful! This is a very powerful book, and like Spider-Man said, “with much power comes much responsibility!”

The 48 Laws of Power imageThe 48 Laws of Power image

The 48 Laws of Power

Books | Robert Greene

The storytelling, the characters, everything about this podcast was a knock out of the park! 10/10 when I recommend it to a friend they always come back saying it was great!

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Last Seen

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