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Nicole Smith



ughhhhh i don’t even know what to say i love this show

The Queen's Gambit imageThe Queen's Gambit image

The Queen's Gambit

Shows | Drama

this book is about buddha and is very inspiring snd eye opening

Siddhartha imageSiddhartha image


Books | Hermann Hesse

one of the funniest shows to watch. i promise you will laugh every single episode

I'm Sorry imageI'm Sorry image

I'm Sorry

Shows | Comedy

if you are healing/starting a new chapter or want to this is a fantastic starter book

The Four Agreements imageThe Four Agreements image

The Four Agreements

Books | Don Miguel Ruiz

one of my favorite shows i can re watch snd re watch season 2 ep 4 is my favorite

Grace and Frankie imageGrace and Frankie image

Grace and Frankie

Shows | Comedy

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