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10/10 completely horrifying, original, metaphorical, beautiful, will stick with me forever and ever.

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Books | Junji Ito

One of the only things I read in school that I actually enjoyed this year. 10/10

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Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

Books | William Shakespeare

This was SO GOOD. Fantastic characters. Romance. WILD PLOT TWIST. Happy ending. Parnomal ****. (My favorite) Poc and lgbt rep. Emotional. And it was a fantastic experience to learn about latinx culture, and it flowed naturally in the story without feeling dumbed down for a white audience. Written by and for lgbtq poc. Hell yeah!

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Cemetery Boys

Books | Aiden Thomas

This delivers exactly what it promises. Campy, gorey, Sapphic rep. All of my favorite things 馃グ 9/10

The Lost Girls: A Vampire Revenge Story imageThe Lost Girls: A Vampire Revenge Story image

The Lost Girls: A Vampire Revenge Story

Books | Sonia Hartl

I think halseys work as a poet holds up on it's own outside of her music. She isn't just using it as a cash grab to profit off of her fame, i think this is something she is truly passionate about. She uses rhyme often, which is rare in contemporary poetry, but she pulls it off and i think is strongly tied to her musical background. If you are a fan of her music, you will most likely enjoy it. Though some might find it unrelatable, it isn't completely out of touch.

I Would Leave Me If I Could imageI Would Leave Me If I Could image

I Would Leave Me If I Could

Books | Halsey

This was fantastic! I think this is one of the first contemporary poetry books I've ever read. I've been a fan of Olivia's work online for some time, and I was ECSTATIC to be able to read her book. Explores girlhood, rape culture, and true crime.

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Life of the Party

Books | Olivia Gatwood

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