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This is definitely one of my all-time favorite k-dramas. As a k-pop fan, I loved that the main character was a huge k-pop fan. I love the fake relationship trope, too! And once they’re together, I absolutely love the relationship between the leads and how supportive they are of each other. This drama was great from start to finish and the pacing was good too. I’ve found a lot of dramas tend to slow down after the halfway point, but this one kept me interested all the way through! The side characters are enjoyable as well. Highly recommend!

Her Private Life imageHer Private Life image

Her Private Life

Shows | Comedy

This one was slow paced and emotional. It wasn’t one I could binge, but I really enjoyed it all the way through!

Nevertheless, imageNevertheless, image


Shows | Drama

This was so entertaining! Loved all the body-switching hijinks, of course. And Joo-won’s obsession with handmade track suits lmao.

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Secret Garden

Shows | Comedy

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