Olivia Crawmer



I think this is very good so far. Cautiously optimistic about this series. It could end up great….

House of the Dragon imageHouse of the Dragon image

House of the Dragon

Shows | Drama

Good first couple of seasons really took a nose dive in season six and never recovered. What a shame.

Game of Thrones imageGame of Thrones image

Game of Thrones

Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Great show that does a wonderful job encapsulating the female experience! Can be a bit crude but very funny!

Tuca & Bertie imageTuca & Bertie image

Tuca & Bertie

Shows | Comedy

Very good movie. Stylish and pretty easy to follow but not too predictable imo.

Last Night in Soho imageLast Night in Soho image

Last Night in Soho

Movies | Drama

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