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90's kid! Avid entertainment enthusiast; binge watcher of all things anime and pop-culture! Often delving into the weird and obscure!


I actually really enjoyed this take on the Addams Family. However I did not like who they chose for Uncle Fester. Overall that's not a terrible gripe though. The entire murder mystery setting plays well with these characters. I will say the "twists" were predictable an unfortunate. Even with all this though; it's well written and the character development is great!

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Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Recently saw this again with the wife; she hadn't seen it. I cannot say it still holds up well. It is one of Mel's best movies though. It is funny still...for sure. An I love Wilder in almost everything he does. At times it seems very plot-rushed. The ending to this day still makes me crack up though!

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Blazing Saddles

Movies | Western

Love this movie and it's sequel! This is Charlie Sheen in his absolute prime! Part 2 is way better though!

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Hot Shots!

Movies | Action

Although it took some creative choices with the over all story. It is a smart adaptation of the Tekken 3 storyline. With nods to the actual lore of the franchise. In moments shown both on screen, and hinted at off screen.

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Tekken: Bloodline


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