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90's kid! Avid entertainment enthusiast; binge watcher of all things anime and pop-culture! Often delving into the weird and obscure!


I really believe this is underrated; even if it's one of the newer Pixar + Disney Movies. The story is so-much about friendships; accepting who we are as individuals, and as a team! SOME PEOPLE: think this movie has 'gay-undertones'! And to that? I truly believe we find the things we want to find in movies!

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As a stand alone, Hotel Movie. This is a nice movie, with familiar, well liked characters from the prior movies! However it is sad to watch a "Hotel" movie without Adam as Dracula's voice. An it is also, rehashing the same story of Drac. and Johnathan not understanding each others differences.

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Hotel Transylvania: Transformania

Movies | Animation

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