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So I went to Barnes and nobles looking for horror and crime books. The man there recommended this book to me, said once I read it it would stay with me … and got it has. He was right when he said he can’t really describe it without spoiling it for me… but it was a fun read (apparently Tim burton bought the rights to the book but never followed up wjth the movie because it was too gory) definitely recommend if you want to be transported to the carny life of horror. I love the character development

Geek Love imageGeek Love image

Geek Love

Books | Katherine Dunn

Wow. I’m not done with it yet I’m currently on page 220 of the book and can I say how much I love the details the author puts in her writing. The twits and turns are GREEEEAAAT! Caught myself saying “oh my god” out loud a couple of time! So gooood! It’s very explicit so don’t recommend for young readers. Or anyone who would get offended easily (the deaths are pretty intense) love the sister story can’t wait to finish it

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Pretty Girls

Books | Karin Slaughter

Omg omg!!! This boooook what a story! We’ll written character development is on point! The plot twist had me with my mouth open!

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The Silent Patient

Books | Alex Michaelides

Took a while to pick up but when it does it was great! Enjoyed the read

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Kill Creek

Books | Scott Thomas

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