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This book was horrifying in a weird way, because it plays innocence and guilt - truth and lie against one another quite often that you're left not knowing the truth of the entire matter even by the end. This book demands that you should re-read it to gain more understanding and also more confusion about the governess and the children she oversees. I loved James' writing style and I like that he doesn't completely satisfy the reader on certain matters. It keeps the book open and relevant for discussion even to this day.

The Turning of the Screw imageThe Turning of the Screw image

The Turning of the Screw

Books | Henry James

Honestly very enjoyable! I love the nod to Patricia Cornwell and Kay Scarpetta; it had that same writing sense. I'm not sure if this is a series or not either, but I think the only issue I had with this book is that the main character seemed to easily get out of his personal mistakes a little too easy... he wasn't really explored much. The ending felt a little rushed but it was at least an ending that was satisfying for a novel like this! If you like Kay Scarpetta you like this one!

Carved in Bone imageCarved in Bone image

Carved in Bone

Books | Jefferson Bass

I really enjoyed reading this, it was simple and easy. It kept me turning pages wanting to find out more, the ending has me puzzled for sure and I dislike the open endedness... but overall I enjoyed it though it was thriller-ish, the romance/**** is probably the bigger part of it.

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Books | Colleen Hoover

A thrilling sequel to the first book One Last Child! I enjoyed everything except a small detail but I'll overlook it because the story itself is great and the theme I took from it potent. This book was even better than the last and I'm excited for the next chapter of the Tallmans Valley Detective series!

The Lullaby Man imageThe Lullaby Man image

The Lullaby Man

Books | Anni Taylor

Had an incredible twist, actually multiple twists! I listened to it in Audible, but the writing is simple yet you can place yourself in the shoes of the characters and then take those same shoes and walk the environment that they did - feel what they feel. My only issue is there were a few detail inconsistencies and the character Abby in the book is very insufferable to me. I find her the least relatable.

One Last Child imageOne Last Child image

One Last Child

Books | Anni Taylor

Finally managed to read this absolute masterpiece. I did it with audio, but it was a thrilling story with relatable characters and immersive world building. It's worth multiple reads as there is immense depth and a wide arrangement of lore to traverse.

The Lord Of The Rings imageThe Lord Of The Rings image

The Lord Of The Rings

Books | J.R.R. Tolkien

The way she writes these cast of characters is amazing - they were well rounded, fun to read, and the drama that enveloped them and how they reacted to it was what made me come home everyday from work just to see how they would react. I enjoyed the crime aspect to it, kept me on edge and there's a little twist that surprised me quite a bit because it was so underplayed but executed brilliantly. I wasn't entirely satisfied with the ending... but I can ignore that because it was a great story.

Faithful Place imageFaithful Place image

Faithful Place

Books | Tana French

This was a comforting read in a way, the characters are likable and the battle between man and himself is fairly decent in this. If you need a buffer between a very action packed book or one that drains you of all life with either its psychological exploration or tedious nature this book will help level out everything and bring you back into a more realistic headset.

The Wild Inside imageThe Wild Inside image

The Wild Inside

Books | Christine Carbo

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