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Nashi Brownie



I love anime and good books. I’ve been watching anime for about 8 years, so I’ve seen a lot, lol.


The first season is really good, full of adventure, and just a well written story all around. The second season though? DOES NOT DESERVE RIGHTS. Ruined the entire anime for me. I would recommend watching the first season.

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Sword Art Online


Good anime, good soundtrack, great opening, I was sobbing on the floor when I finished. Highly recommended.

Your Lie in April imageYour Lie in April image

Your Lie in April

Shows | Animation

Lil gory, but a pretty good, smart show overall.

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Death Note

Shows | Animation

GAY. ICE. SKATING. Very cute story. I definitely cried a bit. Very fun to watch.

Yuri!!! on Ice imageYuri!!! on Ice image

Yuri!!! on Ice

Shows | Animation

A well written mystery that will keep you guessing. Pretty faithful to the manga, but diverges in the end, I prefer the manga ending, but the anime is nearly as good.

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Shows | Animation

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