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🌙 horror, sitcoms 🌙 safe space <3 🌙 morbid fan 🌙 comfort characters: Eddie kaspbrak, Richie tozier, beverly marsh (IT), Barry block (Barry), Stanley barber (IANOWT) Bellamy, Murphy, (The 100), Alex (saw I), John bender, Allison Reynolds, Brian Johnson (the breakfast club) 🌙 currently watching: superstore 🌙 just finished: I am not okay with this


I really liked this show! I’m actually disappointed the rest of the show got cancelled. :( I love how it’s like an IT chapter one mini cast re get together. Stanley barber is such a comfort character. Hated the cliffhangers though especially knowing no more seasons are coming. Didn’t love the supernatural aspects. 8.25/10

I Am Not Okay with This imageI Am Not Okay with This image

I Am Not Okay with This

Shows | Comedy

I really liked this movie! A really fresh take (hahA) and psychological horror rather than jump scares. Really liked this one. 9.5/10

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Movies | Comedy

This movie is a classic for a reason. The characters all had redeemable qualities that made up for some of their mistakes. I really loved the way they were written. Some scenarios were just impossible for the teacher not to hear or for the students to make something happen. 8.5/10

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The Breakfast Club

Movies | Comedy

I really enjoyed this movie! I think the premise was really interesting, but I think that the addition of religious aspects wasn’t worth it. Acting was wonderful, but they hinted at a characters death via eagle at the beginning unnecessarily. Overall, very compelling and held my attention! 8/10

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The Cabin in the Woods

Movies | Horror

I liked this show a lot! Jenna Ortega did fantastic. I felt such a strong emotional connection to all the characters, especially Enid. 9.5/10

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Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Loved this movie! Not horror through jump scares, but simply through great acting. Well done suspense. 9/10

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Movies | Horror

…this movie. One of the best movies ever made and I’ll forever stand by this. Incredibly worth the watch. What’s in the box?

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Movies | Crime

This movie was okay. I’m going to watch the rest of the series because I was pulled in, but it was more ridiculous than horror. 6/10

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Movies | Horror

Went through this entire show in two days. Beautifully done. Omar and edvin are truly amazing. Malte (August) was also fantastic, one of the best actors and shows I’ve seen in a while.

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Young Royals

Shows | Drama

Can genuinely say I liked this book. Went through it so quickly. Twist at the end was hinted at throughout the novel but the way it was delivered was a blow. 10/10

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The Silent Patient

Books | Alex Michaelides

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