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readers beware. at first. i really liked this series. the farther i got into it, the more bored i got. if you really want a captivating series, i don’t think this is your best choice. i really like long books, and i can get through them quickly. the narnia books aren’t big. around 250 pages each. but i had a terrible time trying to get through these. after a while, i was bored and couldn’t get pulled into the series like i do with other book series.

The Chronicles Of Narnia imageThe Chronicles Of Narnia image

The Chronicles Of Narnia

Books | C.S.Lewis

when i was little i was obsessed with this series. i totally recommend for little girls who have just been reading for a year or two. amazing series.

Ivy and Bean Take the Case imageIvy and Bean Take the Case image

Ivy and Bean Take the Case

Books | Annie Barrows

THIS IS A GREAT SERIES. this series is captivating, and has over forty books in its series. i 100% recommend if you’re into fiction/fiction fantasy. you will not be disappointed by this amazing series. please read!! Erin Hunter is an amazing author. @erinhunter

Warriors #1: Into the Wild imageWarriors #1: Into the Wild image

Warriors #1: Into the Wild

Books | Erin Hunter

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