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Rebecca Turner



True soul connection is very real and rare.


Another of my very top favorite tv shows.

Friends imageFriends image


Shows | Comedy

Didn't seem to last long and really stick to me.

Ally McBeal imageAlly McBeal image

Ally McBeal

Shows | Drama

My top favorite shows. I love tool time!

Home Improvement imageHome Improvement image

Home Improvement

Shows | Comedy

Grew up watching this show.

Family Matters imageFamily Matters image

Family Matters

Shows | Comedy

Use to watch growing up in the evenings

Everybody Loves Raymond imageEverybody Loves Raymond image

Everybody Loves Raymond

Shows | Comedy

Part of my all time favorite and now growing up shows.

Roseanne imageRoseanne image


Shows | Comedy

Watched the new shows every Sunday growing up. Couldn't wait for the end of the week.

King of the Hill imageKing of the Hill image

King of the Hill

Shows | Animation

Grew up with the show.

The Cosby Show imageThe Cosby Show image

The Cosby Show

Shows | Comedy

I can watch this movie over and over. Its one of my all time favorite.

The Hangover imageThe Hangover image

The Hangover

Movies | Comedy

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