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Very late to the game. I know how hyped this series is, and I just couldn't get into Season 1, and mustve watched it piecemeal over a few years, trying to love it. Once I committed, I couldn't stop watching! Edge of your seat, acting was superb, storyline flowed. Bravo! Now I know why everyone who loves it REALLY loves it!

Breaking Bad imageBreaking Bad image

Breaking Bad

Shows | Drama

I was very late to the Breaking Bad game, and this is definitely the perfect binge afterward.

Better Call Saul imageBetter Call Saul image

Better Call Saul

Shows | Comedy

If you enjoyed The Good Wife, some great characters continue with bolder story lines. It wasn't just a continuation of TGW, this show xan stand on it's own.

The Good Fight imageThe Good Fight image

The Good Fight

Shows | Drama

1st season binge worthy! 2nd a little slow with expanded story lines. Please try it as we need a Season 3!! Fabulous casting of serial killers.

Mindhunter imageMindhunter image


Shows | Drama

This show is very well written. I love all episodes with the exception of one.

Evil imageEvil image


Shows | Drama

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