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Classic. Instant comfort movie. Will make your day or night better.

Shallow Hal imageShallow Hal image

Shallow Hal

Movies | Comedy

Once I watched this, I wish I had listened to everyone so much sooner! One of the dopest shows,. It will take over your mind. For lack of better words,. I'll simply state it is "thought provoking". Damn best drama.

Breaking Bad imageBreaking Bad image

Breaking Bad

Shows | Drama

Absolutely perfect,. It's too rare that a movie will have me on the edge of me seat for basically the whole film,. But this one got me! One of the best zombie movies ever, in my opinion.

World War Z imageWorld War Z image

World War Z

Movies | Action

How much entertainment for basically one setting the whole film! Opened my heart when it first came out, can't wait to rewatch!

Life of Pi imageLife of Pi image

Life of Pi

Movies | Adventure

One of my favorite movies,. I warn it can be graphic,. Some cgi is a slight bit cheesy; but all around a mind blowing movie,. Great to watch over and over!

Lucy imageLucy image


Movies | Action

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