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It’s good for all audiences honestly. The message might even be fully understood only by teens and adults because it’s incredibly deep and talks about what we should think of when we think about our purpose in life

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Movies | Adventure

I highly recommend everyone watch ATLA. It’s soo good, great movie to watch with children and the morals and stories tie in with human nature and our need for peace among all people. Ideas that are very relevant to us today.

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Avatar: The Last Airbender

Shows | Action

It was very insightful and discussed how we should consider our relationship with indigenous people and our environment. Our respect for life should come before our selfish desires for wealth

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Movies | Action

Its just ao cute. It’s romantic but not too cliche. The characters are complex and the humor is witty

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Dash & Lily

Shows | Comedy

It was just so informative and each episode has you wondering what will happen next. I love the show!!!

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The Crown

Shows | Drama

Literally the funniest sit com I have ever watched. You can find it on Netflix. It’s 6 seasons long but the plot and the characters make the show worth binging

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Shows | Comedy

Only 9 episodes. Each an hour long but such an insightful show

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Grand Army

Shows | Drama

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