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It’s a beautiful movie. Every scene is amazingly written and actors really sell it. There’s no satisfying resolution but I feel like that’s the part of the story. So many falsely accused and their loved ones never get no end to their suffering. Beautifully done.

If Beale Street Could Talk imageIf Beale Street Could Talk image

If Beale Street Could Talk

Movies | Drama

What an amazing movie! Jim Carrey is as good as always. Great acting overall! While watching my husband and I realized our birthdays add up to 21 😂

The Number 23 imageThe Number 23 image

The Number 23

Movies | Thriller

Wow, what a great movie! Horror fans will definitely love it, classically done but with a twist

The Autopsy of Jane Doe imageThe Autopsy of Jane Doe image

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Movies | Horror

Just watched this for the first time. It’s not what I expected but the actors are so good that you can forgive the slow pace and contrived plot. Watching it from an adult’s perspective is probably different than for a teenager.

Dead Poets Society imageDead Poets Society image

Dead Poets Society

Movies | Drama

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