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Sam Baker


Another anime that will make you cry hard!! I loved the twists and turns in the story and the art is amazing! ✨🌻♥️😭

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Weathering with You

Movies | Animation

This book series is literally amazing! It's a great Christian read. Very suspenseful and keeps you on the edge of your seat. I have reread the series 4 times and haven't gotten bored. ✨🌻♥️

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Books | Evan Angler

I loved loved loved this book so much! It's definitely one of my favorites. It took me a while to start, but then it just kept getting better the more you read it. Did have lgbtq+ romance and topics. 🌻✨

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Catfishing on CatNet

Books | Naomi Kritzer

This show was great! An awesome binge! If anyone wants to watch something similar to this but with professional bakers, watch Baketopia. It's exactly the same but with people who know what their doing. ♥️🌻✨

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Nailed It!

Shows | Reality

I haven't finished this one yet.. Im so scared to because I don't want it to finish!! I love this short anime series! You could probably binge this in a day.. 🌻✨♥️

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Shows | Animation

This had me crying at the end!! I loved it so much! It's a good heart-warming, feel good, movie for the peeps who love sad animes. 🌻✨♥️

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When Marnie Was There

Movies | Animation

My school had us read this. But I COULDN'T.. GET.. ENOUGH.. ACKKKK!! ♥️♥️ I practically ran to Barnes and Nobles to buy this!🌻✨☺️

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The Outsiders

Books | S. E. Hinton

Yes! This book is awesome. I just finished a suspense book called Catfishing On CatNet. It's about a girl and her mom running from the dad. It keeps you guessing!! I stayed up really late because it was such a page turner! ♥️✨☺️

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Out of My Mind

Books | Sharon M. Draper

About a year ago, I was cut off from social life didn't know anyone besides my family.. During that time, my parents had a divorce. I loved reading this book because it helped me cope, and know that other people are going through this problem. ☺️🌻✨♥️

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Books | Sharon M. Draper

This is a really good read if you're bored, or on a car ride. It's that type of book that has a good story line and can be finished in an hour, but you still feel like you were satisfied with the ending! ✨🌻☺️♥️

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24 Hours in Nowhere

Books | Dusti Bowling

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