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I was a little skeptical by the summary but this was well worth it. Read in about a day and didn't dull out much. Loved the dual perspective and disection of complex emotions.

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Reminders of Him

Books | Colleen Hoover

I dont know where to start. I read it all in a single day. It is the first book I couldn't put down in a long time. It's ominously reflective on the beginning of the pandemic and the feelings we all dealt with, but with so much more. I cannot wait for a movie adaption, as this was perfectly written to be a film.

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Wish You Were Here

Books | Jodi Picoult

I definitely liked this book, but I agree it was very slow.. im a big fan af Sarah Dessen and have read no less than 10 of her books.. this is definitely low on the list for me personally but still worth reading.

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The Rest of the Story

Books | Sarah Dessen

This book definitely has some controversy, which I can understand. I personally felt it was a great read, with some good insight and introspection into abusive relationships that people experience as well as relationships we witness. I did however find issue with the follow through and resolutions in the end. I was left wanting to understand the process after the main arch of the story and was left hanging. A good read nonetheless.

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It Ends with Us

Books | Colleen Hoover

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