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Remember video stores? I used to run one of those. It was corporate and Canadian so no big loss there. But, I still miss the conversations that could be had in the library of film. So, I have a pretty solid command of film up til about 2009. After that, I became a full time teacher, a slightly different lens now. My profile picture shows the "Hays Code", a moralistic code for compliance from early American film. Defying the Hays Code elevated and made for more veritable storytelling.


Historical fiction meets science-fiction, with a feminist protagonist. That's a win-win-win.

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The Signature of All Things

Books | Elizabeth Gilbert

This film may be lost to time. The Shape of Things is a work of art in its confrontation of social norms. Almost aggressively, the film demonstrates — at the expense of a few characters senses of self — how perception defines reality. It doesn't hurt to point out the arc that Paul Rudd has taken before, during and in the almost 20 years since the release of this film is due to his stubborn unwillingness to age a day.

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The Shape of Things

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