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They don’t disappoint with any sequels in this franchise, love the action and comedy, it’s amazing

The King's Man imageThe King's Man image

The King's Man

Movies | Action

A very cool sequel to the first movie, they didn’t fumble introducing the statesman very well done

Kingsman: The Golden Circle imageKingsman: The Golden Circle image

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Movies | Action

Hilarious and awesome movie, me and my family have loved all of these

Kingsman: The Secret Service imageKingsman: The Secret Service image

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Movies | Crime

A nice puzzle type movie it’s always intriguing what they do when they put any reason they want behind any given action or predicament (when writing) and then they link them all together

The Boondock Saints imageThe Boondock Saints image

The Boondock Saints

Movies | Action

Funny zombie movie fun to watch with mature family (that’s what I mean most of the time when I say my family and I enjoyed something)

Shaun of the Dead imageShaun of the Dead image

Shaun of the Dead

Movies | Horror

Another puzzle movie, I just watched it yesterday and it was amazing

Bullet Train imageBullet Train image

Bullet Train

Movies | Action

Fun movie for the family, funny recurring themes and real life dynamics (like the gagging bullet removal scene) all put into a great comedic mystery movie

Game Night imageGame Night image

Game Night

Movies | Mystery

Very crass but I love joking in serious situations so I love the comedic timing in this movie

Deadpool imageDeadpool image


Movies | Action

Fun PG family movie for Christmas time, I would watch it right now if someone suggested it

Christmas with the Kranks imageChristmas with the Kranks image

Christmas with the Kranks

Movies | Comedy

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