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Just a High School student trying to discover another heart-throbbing series. I'm on the hunt to find my next greatest obsession.

AHHHH I read this around 5 years ago and it still lasts in my memory. It made me really emotional and I'm sure everyone cried at least once reading this book! If you are looking for a book to get on an emotional rollercoaster, this is the one!

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The Book Thief

Books | Markus Zusak

I get scared really really easily, yet I am so fascinated by the true crime world. Whether you are a newbie or true crime manic this is the podcast for you. Not only is this podcast about true crime but Stephanie Soo, the host, also brings in episodes of thriller, murder, and mystery novels! I have seriously learned so much about true crime just by listening to this podcast!

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Rotten Mango

Podcasts | True Crime

This is an absolute classic! I love books that get me attached and make me feel every emotion in the universe. If you're looking for a thrilling, heart-throbbing adventure, my friend, this one is for you.

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The Hunger Games

Books | Suzanne Collins

I definitely recommend this book, but it may be the only one in the series I actually enjoyed. I tend to enjoy competitive books such as the hunger games and the divergent series. If you are like me you will enjoy this book but I don't know if I can say that for the rest of the series.

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The Selection

Books | Kiera Cass

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