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i’m interested in anything as long as it’s good... not just anime wise~~


can’t recommend this enough! i’ve been putting the movie off for years to experience the play but seeing it free on my youtube recommended had me cave in. the movie is beautiful along with the actors and their emotions. you’ll fall in love with their singing and it’ll be stuck in your head for days, guaranteed.

The Phantom of the Opera imageThe Phantom of the Opera image

The Phantom of the Opera

Movies | Thriller

has more of a religious take but up for any interpretation as stated by the creator. available free on youtube and recommend watching an explanation video afterwards for more clarification/different interpretation!

Angel's Egg imageAngel's Egg image

Angel's Egg

Movies | Animation

Not the general “scary/creepy” until the last 20 minutes of the movie. Nice to watch when you’re bored- having a lazy night.

The Boy imageThe Boy image

The Boy

Movies | Horror

It was a beautiful movie. Of course it wasn’t like the animation, it had a more realistic and serious tone to it. Though I would’ve liked more music. Even if just instrumental- which was also very beautiful.

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Movies | Adventure

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