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originally read because of the miyazaki film and it has turned into one of my favorite books. it is a perfect mixture of humor, sarcasm, and fantasy

Howl's Moving Castle imageHowl's Moving Castle image

Howl's Moving Castle

Books | Diana Wynne Jones

being chinese myself, it was eye opening to read this. would not recommend to people who are sensitive to extremely detailed gruesome scenery

The Rape Of Nanking imageThe Rape Of Nanking image

The Rape Of Nanking

Books | Iris Chang

all i remember about this was that i read it in elementary school and that the main character was stuck in the desert. it was some type of fever dream i swear

Stolen imageStolen image


Books | Lucy Christopher

one of my favorite dystopian reads. personally i feel as though it is more realistic and psychologically diverse than hunger games.

The Testing Trilogy imageThe Testing Trilogy image

The Testing Trilogy

Books | Joelle Charbonneau

it brings back memories of reading percy jackson for the first time. it holds similar elements while staying original for its plot!

Keeper of the Lost Cities imageKeeper of the Lost Cities image

Keeper of the Lost Cities

Books | Shannon Messenger

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